Week 17: Projects Projects Projects

I mentioned in last week’s blog that I have been focusing on my freeCodeCamp (fCC) projects recently.

I spent most of the last week working on my Local Weather app, which you can read more about here. It was the first project that I have worked on where I needed to access an API so there were a lot of Google searches involved.

I finished last week by starting work on my Wikipedia Viewer project. You can check out the finished version in this CodePen. Later this week I will write a more in-depth piece on developing that project so stay tuned for that.

Seeing Your Projects Come to Life

In addition to working on fCC projects, I also continued my lessons at Treehouse.

On the subject of Treehouse, I also made use of their Workspaces tool for my projects as well.

CodePen is great but it isn’t the same as seeing your site in a real browser window. Also, it isn’t quite the same as using a standard text editor.

Workspaces allows you to either write code as you would in a regular text editor or upload files directly. From there you can click the “Preview Workspace” icon to open your project in a browser window.

Example of the Preview Workspace option on TreehouseThere are a lot of reasons to like Treehouse but the Workspaces tool is near the top of the list.

Color Theory

I read an interesting article during the week that I wanted to share.

It was about color theory and how to use it in your website designs. You can find the article here.

There is a great section on the different ways that you can combine colors. You might not recognize the technique names that are given but you will definitely recognize the color combinations.

I am a big fan of monochromatic color designs but the article turned me on to some fresh new ways to combine colors as well.

It also included a link to a useful resource for aspiring web designers.

Color Hunt is a website with a seemingly endless combination of color palettes.

The Color Hunt websiteIt is a great source of inspiration when you aren’t quite sure what color scheme to go with. I actually used Color Hunt to figure out a color palette for the Wikipedia Viewer app that I mentioned earlier.

While we are talking about colors. I also wanted to share a site called HTML Color Codes.

It has a convenient tool called the “Color Picker” that allows you to create a color and then find out the HEX or RGB code that matches that color.

There are other resources on the site as well but I mainly use it for the Color Picker.

Well, I’ve got another project to work on so that is it for this week.

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