Weeks 18 and 19: Tunnel Vision

A long space ship like tunnel.

Sorry it has been a couple of weeks since I posted a recap. I have had a bad case of tunnel vision caused by all the projects I have been working on recently.

I’ve also been busy with the Code Newbie Challenge. You may have seen the hashtag #CNC2018 floating around.

When I wasn’t working on a project or a Code Newbie challenge, I was plugging away at my JavaScript and the DOM lessons at Treehouse.

Tunnel Vision

When I work on a project I tend to obsess over it. It dominates my thoughts and even my dreams.

Part of it is excitement.

I truly enjoy programming and that is never more obvious than when I am working on a project. I don’t intend to tunnel vision in on them, I just get so caught up working on them that I lose track of time.

My wife was sitting in the office with me the other day. I was working on a project and she was watching tv. As it started to get dark, she had to prompt me to turn on the light. I was so engrossed in my project that I didn’t notice that it had gotten dark.

A few nights ago, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about the Twitch API project I was working on. Since I couldn’t sleep anyway, I figured I would get up and work on it a little more.

My wife found me at the computer the next morning. Oddly enough, she wasn’t the least bit interested in listening to me rattle on about my project at 5 am.

I vaguely remember this same thing happening a while back when I was working on my Wikipedia Viewer.

Part of it is stress

I am anxious to start looking for programming jobs but before I do, I would like to have a few more projects in my portfolio.

That is a big reason why I have been so tunnel visioned on projects recently.

Yes, projects are fun, but I also want to get them done so I can move on.

The CodePen version of my Twitch API project

The good news is, I finished the last of the freeCodeCamp intermediate projects on Friday. Now it is time to get serious about the job search!


Speaking of finding a job, I recently committed to the Code Newbie Challenge, also know by the hashtag #CNC2018.

The Code Newbie Challenge is actually several challenges aimed to help people start coding, code more, blog more, or get a job. You can learn more about the Challenge here.

As you might have guessed, I signed up for the Get a Job challenge.

A new at one of Code Newbie challenges

The challenge the first week was to identify 10 companies that you would like to work for. From there you needed to find five job descriptions, ideally ones that you are in a position to apply for.

I misread this challenge and found 10 companies and 10 job descriptions. Yay – extra credit!

The challenge for Week 2 was to create or update your LinkedIn profile. One of the tips was to use the job descriptions you found to tailor your profile to similar positions by highlighting keywords and stressing relevant skills.

I had never used LinkedIn before so it was a lot of work starting a profile from scratch. The good news is, I now have a solid profile and a few more ideas for how to improve it.

The third assignment just came out today. It is to practice talking about yourself and your technical skills. Yay – role play! (not)

This challenge also tasks you with attending a local tech event, which is perfect because our local Demo Day is this Saturday.

While networking is not my strong suit, I recognize the importance of it. Especially when you are new to a field. I am actually looking forward to getting out and meeting some other Vegas tech people this weekend.

I really like this challenge so far because the tasks are straightforward and easily tie-in to the ultimate goal, which is to find a job.


My Treehouse lessons may have taken a backseat recently but that hasn’t changed my love affair with the site.

One of the job openings I found was actually with Treehouse. It was a little beyond the scope of my skills at this point, but working at Treehouse would definitely be high on my list.

Treehouse has really helped me on my journey to learn to code and to be able to help others do the same would be awesome!

As far as lessons go, I finally finished the JavaScript and the DOM course.

It felt like I had been working on that one forever given how much of my time was spent on other things.

The timing was good though because a lot of those skills came in handy for the projects I was working on. Whether it was the projects themselves or the lessons, I feel much more comfortable appending, styling, and changing elements with JavaScript than I did a month ago.

Maybe tunnel vision isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Thanks for reading and check back soon to learn more about my Twitch API project and how my first tech meetup goes.

Feature image courtesy of Stefan Kunze and Unsplash.

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