Week 9: Code School Free Trial

When I first started learning to program, my plan was to spend a month working on Codecademy courses and then switch to Code School. That plan changed when I realized that my local library offered free subscriptions to Treehouse.

I tried Treehouse, liked it, and decided to hold off on trying Code School as a result.

Last week, Code School offered a Free Trial Weekend so I finally got a full taste of what they offer.

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My Holiday Tree Project Using HTML & CSS

I wanted to share a fun project that I recently finished using only HTML and CSS.

I was scrolling through Twitter last week when I saw the following tweet:

Since I have spent most of my time to this point working on HTML and CSS, the tweet immediately caught my eye.

Finding a project that uses HTML and CSS was exactly what I was looking for so I clicked the link to learn more.

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Week 8: Sick and Tired

Week 8 was a rough one. I ended up getting sick, which is not uncommon after attending a big convention.

My wife would tell you that I am a big old baby when I am sick. Since she occasionally reads this blog (Hi honey!), I can’t actually admit that she is right, but I will say that Week 8 wasn’t my most productive week.

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Open Source Contributions Made Easy

Learning how to use GitHub and contribute to Open Source projects should be among the first lessons that a new programmer learns. Unfortunately, getting started with GitHub and helping with Open Source projects can seem very confusing at first. Often, new programmers aren’t sure where to start so they end up putting off learning how to use these valuable tools.

The good news is that setting up a GitHub account is easier than you might think and I have a tip that will allow even the newest programmer to start submitting Pull Requests and improving Open Source projects today.

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Weeks 6 & 7: We Were On A Break!

Not much to report programming wise for the last two weeks. I spent most of the time traveling on vacation so my coding was put on the backburner.

My wife and I spent most of the first week in Santa Monica recharging at the beach. It was our first time visiting that area and we had a great time. The water was a bit chilly, but the weather was perfect for walking around and laying on the beach. Even though we didn’t ride any of the rides, the carnival set up on the pier provides great people watching opportunities. We even saw some dolphins just off the shore, which was pretty crazy. At first, we thought they were sharks, which was scary because there were surfers nearby. Once they resurfaced a few more times we realized that they were dolphins.

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Week 5: Building a Treehouse

Week 5 was a bit of a reset as I switched to Team Treehouse as my primary learning site.

My original plan was to try Code School but I decided to hold off on that after finding out that my local library offers free memberships to Treehouse. While I still plan to try Code School at some point, I have been pleased with Treehouse so far. I have a trip planned each of the next two weeks so I will probably wait until after those trips are over.

Once I check out Code School my plan is two write a post comparing Codecademy, Treehouse, and Code School.

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