Week 25: A Week of Completions

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You might remember that in last week’s post I had decided to focus on JavaScript and enroll in Treehouse’s Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree.

If you were expecting this week to be all about the Techdegree and how great things are going then you couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, I didn’t even start my Techdegree course but I still had a very productive week.

First things first

Before I could start on my Techdegree, I needed to finish the Front End Web Development Track that I had been working on.

The last two courses involved using the console and Git. They might have been my favorite lessons in the course.

I wrote a bit last week about how cool it feels to work in the console. Typing commands and navigating through files without using an interface feels like spy stuff. Plus, people must think you really know what you are doing if they look at your screen and see this.

Using Git through the console

It is almost enough to make me want to go to Starbucks and set my computer up where people can see it.

I have been using Github for months but I always upload and maintain my files using the website. Once I learned how to use Git through the console I started working on my projects that way.

Understanding version control and using Git is a frequently requested skill on job postings so I wanted to practice those skills as much as possible.

Much like using the console itself, I found using Git to be confidence inspiring. Uploading a file using Git and the console feels so much more satisfying than just dragging and dropping the file into a box on a website.

With the Git lessons complete I had officially finished the Front End Web Development Track at Treehouse. Hurray!

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It took me a little longer than I originally planned but that was because I got sidetracked working on freeCodeCamp and other things.

It was a great course and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about Front End Development.

100 Days of Code

In the midst of finishing up my Treehouse course, I also completed the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

For those who might not be familiar with 100 Days of Code, it is a commitment to code at least an hour a day for 100 days.

This means different things to different people but the important part is that you are make coding a daily habit.

Participating in this challenge really jumpstarted my coding. I would encourage others to climb on the #100DaysOfCode bandwagon (I started right back up again with round two as soon as I finished the first 100 days).

The one suggestion I would make is to try and work as much actual coding in as possible. Don’t just listen to a podcast or watch a couple YouTube videos and consider that your hour for the day.

Getting LinkedIn

My final accomplishment of the week was the one I had been putting off the most.

I am at the point in my coding journey where it is time to start looking for jobs. But like many people, I dread putting together a resume or writing cover letters. Ironic, since I clearly enjoy writing.

I also knew I needed to create a LinkedIn profile but that felt a lot like writing a resume or cover letter. I had started working on my profile a few weeks ago but I never go around to finishing it. Until last week.

With my wife’s encouragement, I finally buckled down and got it done. I still need to add some specific accomplishments to the experience section but everything else is finished.

Now I just need to make some connections and share and receive some endorsements. If you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn you can find my profile here.

Keep coding and I’ll be back next week to discuss the start of my Techdegree and how my job search is going.

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