Week 24: I Choose You, JavaScript!

Last week’s blog post ended with a cliffhanger. I was ready to specialize but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to focus on Python or JavaScript.

Would I go with my heart (Python) or would my practical side win out (JavaScript)?

Well, the title of this blog has already given away the fact that I picked JavaScript (damn you SEO!) but the real story is why I decided on JS.

JavaScript wins again

There are several reasons why I chose JavaScript.

The most important is that there are more entry-level jobs in my area for JavaScript than there are for Python.

This ties in with a lot of the articles that are floating around. JavaScript as a language is growing in popularity and there aren’t enough JavaScript developers to meet that demand.

While I am not against relocating, it would have to be a strong enough opportunity to justify my wife leaving her job. Since that isn’t likely to happen with a junior role, I need to focus on what is available in my area.

The fact that I have already spent so much time working on vanilla JavaScript also played a big role in the decision.

I can jump right into JavaScript frameworks without having to relearn the basics of a language like I would have to do if I decided to focus on Python.

JavaScript just seems like a more direct path towards employment, and that is what I need to focus on right now.

With that in mind, I have decided to enroll in the Full Stack Techdegree program at Treehouse.

Algorithms complete!

The big news from last week wasn’t just limited to my decision to specialize in JS. I also finished the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section at freeCodeCamp (fCC).

There were twenty-one algorithms in total and it took me about a month to come up with solutions for them all. It felt like much longer than that.

Next on the fCC agenda is the Advanced Algorithm Scripting section but I plan to take those algorithms at a much slower pace.

When I started the intermediate algorithms my goal was to complete one per day. With the advanced algorithms, my goal will be one per week.

As interesting and helpful as these problems are to solve, I think there are other areas where my time is better spent (I’m looking at you Treehouse Techdegree).

You can find my solutions to all of the intermediate algorithms in this CodePen collection.

I also have a new series of articles where I break down the solutions from each of the Basic Algorithms from freeCodeCamp.

It’s like magic

Speaking of Treehouse, I am really close to finishing the Front End Web Development track.

The second to last section teaches you how to use the console. It really makes you feel like a programmer.

Who needs an interface and a mouse? I can do things with just the keyboard!

Until next week…

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