Coming Soon: Book Reviews

Thanks to an Amazon Wishlist and some generous family members, I picked up a couple of programming books over the holidays.

Like a lot of people, I have never read a programming book before. Unlike many of these people, I actually like to read so I am eager to check out these books and share my thoughts with you.

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Review: Simple Programmer’s Create a Blog Course

I am sure that many of you have heard of John Sonmez. You might be familiar with his many YouTube videos or maybe you have visited his Simple Programmer website. I just recently became aware of him, but that is understandable considering I am new to this whole programming thing.

I first heard about him when he was mentioned in a forum post on freeCodeCamp. The original poster was a fan and other people commented that they liked his work at Simple Programmer as well. They specifically mentioned his book, The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide, so I looked it up on Amazon. The reviews were great and the title certainly sounded like something that would appeal to a new programmer like myself so I added it to my wish list.

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